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420 Masala

420 Masala is one of the largest growing company in Madhya Pradesh. We have a large no of consumers around the world.

We have a presence in the field of Papad, Instant Mixes, Mangodi, Bhajiya. We are Indian leading papad manufacturers and exporters.Our speciality lies in the manufacturing of 6 different papad products like moong dal papad, Chana Dal Papad , Urad Dal Papad and more.

First time in
Central India

wide range of spices manufactured by


alongwith the trust and quality
ensured by the 420 GROUP

Great Flavor & Aroma

बढ़िया स्वाद व खुशबू

Minimal loss of essential oils
preserves natural taste and aroma

True Color

सही रंग

The natural color is maintained
because no heat is generated

Finer Particle Size

बारीक व एकसमान

Reduced to much finer and uniform size of particles & no lumps are formed

Clean & Hygenic

साफ व स्वच्छ

Made under clean and
pollution free environment


Food Safety and Standards
Authority of India